Topic: You can take 2 annual sessions (3 Hours each) in one 6 Hour Day Class and be complete for your 2 Year renewal

Gas Continuing Education

State of New Hampshire requires a total of 6 hours of continuing education from an APPROVED PROVIDER to renew a gas license. GRANITE STATE TRADE SCHOOL is an APPROVED PROVIDER. Each year the state approves a 3 hour class for that calendar year. It is intended that a licensee takes the 3 hours of training for that year to stay current, however, the state does accept all 6 hours of training done in one year. Two 3 hour code review classes meet the 6-hour code review renewal requirement. A licensee can never get credit for the same 3-hour course twice, they must be different year versions.

Take the NEW 6 hour requirements:
Full 6 Hours is only $85.00 (includes lunch) BEST VALUE!

Individual 3 Hour NFPA 54 Code Review $50.00
Purchase 2019 and 2018 together doe $85.00 (Enroll in your first session and schedule your second when you attend the first or call the office at 603-895-4444.)

Unless otherwise noted….
NFPA 54 Code review for 2019 runs 8:00 am to 11:00 am – 3 hours
NFPA 54 Code review for 2018 runs 12:00 pm to 3:00 pm – 3 hours (please report at 11:30am)
Carbon Monoxide 2 Hours – (meets Vermont requirements) by request – $25

Our Gas Continuing Education is accepted in Vermont and we offer the Vermont 2 Hour Carbon Monoxide Class as well. You can enroll in the Carbon Monoxide Course as part of your Gas Continuing Education Course.

To Enroll in Vermont Carbon Monoxide as a stand alone course CLICK HERE.

Course Text  $ 100.00 for each level