Plumbing 401 Online

Prerequisites: Plumbing 101, 201 and 301 or equivalent

This program is designed to provide students who cannot attend classes in a traditional apprentice program with the same opportunity to learn the textbook fundamentals of the trade. This training course must be supplemented by your employer, through both technical assistance and on‐the‐job training in each area of instruction in the book. Students must attend a few mentoring classes in our Raymond, NH facility.

Required Monday Mentoring Sessions at Granite State Trade School:
February 21, 2022: Chapters 21-30
April 18, 2022: Chapters 1-10
June 20, 2022: Chapters 11-20
August 29, 2022: Chapters 21-30
October 17, 2022: Chapters 1-10
December 19, 2022: Chapters 11-20

All classes start at 9:00 am