Gas Testing

Fuel and Gas Instruction

Granite State Trade School is the original provider of New Hampshire gas license testing.

NH Saf-Mec regulations require testing for any former NH license holder who has let their license expire for more than 1 year in order to renew their license. Granite State Trade School provides this testing at 10 am on the second Monday of every month of the year.

Along with testing, Granite State Trade School offers a review class for former NH license holders looking to renew their license. It is a two hour review and is held just prior to the test session from 8am-10am.

The cost of the testing and review is $225.

For individuals holding licenses from other jurisdictions outside of NH, Saf-Mec rules state that prior to sitting for the New Hampshire license exam, a specific review course of NH Rules is required. Granite State Trade School offers this class as well.

We reserve the right to reschedule classes if required.

Call for upcoming class dates.