Gas detectors

BW Clip – Real Time – BWC2R-M50200

The BW Clip Real Time 2 Year H2S Monitor is a lightweight and easy to handle single gas detector for hydrogen sulfide. Designed for a wide range of harsh environments and extreme temperatures, this H2S Monitor has the default alarm setpoints at 10 ppm to 15 ppm. BW Clip Real Time includes a real-time gas level display and the ability to calibrate the device. It provides two years maintenance-free operation: just turn on the device, and it runs continuously. There is no need for sensor replacement and battery charging or replacement.

Price: $135

Personal CO – Carbon Monoxide Detector

The New Model 7899 Portable Gas Leak Detector is a rugged, highly–sensitive, accurate and easy–to–use leak tester with an LED display, scale and audible beeper to effectively pinpoint small leaks of Combustible gas hydrocarbon fuels from any piping and/or appliances. Inaccessible points can be reached with the flexible, 11″ long probe.

  • Visual LED screen & Audible Alarms
  • Rugged, accurate, and highly sensitive
  • Quick Response Time
  • Personal CO Monitor
  • Uses semiconductor sensors with improved sensitivity and extended long life
  • Portable Gas Detector

Price: $265

CGC-301 or 311 Natural Gas & CO Detector

Each detector has a built-in pump and comes with automatic calibration (A-CAL) firmware, carryall with shoulder strap (CC-001), standard probe (SP-307), dust & water block filter (WF-301), coiled hose (CH-060), set of batteries, short guide, and operating manual.Detector weighs 20 ounces (570g), runs 20 hours on a set of four AA batteries and has a rotary switch selectable LED display with Track Gas scale for quick leak location.

CGC-301 displays 0 – 100% LEL, 0 – 100% GAS and 0 – 9999 ppm CO
CGC-311 displays 0 – 100% GAS.

Price: $1800